Monday, November 23, 2009

NaNoWriMo Novel

I can't believe I think I'm going to actually do it. I've got 39,081 words in my tally to meet the 50,000 word criteria. The story, as all of my stories have a tendency to do, have run away from me and I've lost control. I write imagining the scene in my head, what the characters say and feel, what I am observing. Does that make me a writer or a simple observer?

Last night I wrote such a devastating scene that there were times when I couldn't see my screen, the tears blurred my vision and I cried for my characters. I hurt for them. Is this what it feels like to be a god? Don't get me wrong, I've no delusions of grandeur, I'm simply telling a story. But if I create the scene, the character, the situations am I not a god? Omniscient? It's a bizarre feeling and one I'm a little concerned about because I'm enjoying it too well.

Shall I eschew social obligations so I can create another world? Wait, that's the SIMS game. Nevermind. I'm tired, sleep-deprived through this experience or shall I say experiment?

If you haven't noticed, my banner has the link to my "Seawater Eyes" NaNoWriMo novel.

Please if you like the story, let me know. I appreciate the feedback.


  1. I have done such things with my nanowrimo entry. Since I am doing Sci-fi, I think I can create a world of my own and do as I please with the characters, but not without empathy. My characters are afterall my children in the story that I am making.

    Good job with the word count, I do hope we reached the 50k soon.



  2. this is something. i wish i'd have met you when i was in the process of doing mine.

    i ended up with 110k words, but they're not really legible, except in places. if i spend another month i might have 4 or 5 decent little novellas. :)

    good job, on the novel and the blog. bookmarking this thang.

  3. Gregoire and Zorlone, so next year I'll have two writing buddies for Nanowrimo? :)