Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day: A True Love Story

I’d like to tell you a true love story many years ago, in a distant island, east of the South China Seas.

A 14yr old boy passed by a house and saw a pretty girl, he smiled at her, she gave him attitude. It was a hot day so he approached and asked for a glass of water. She gave it to him but wouldn’t be swayed.

Years later, the boy was sent away to school where he had a dream of being married to a veiled woman in a small chapel. It confused him because he was an Adventist and only Catholics women wore veils.

Then while watching a basketball game with his friends, a group of young women, blocked their view. They were one row down and were rooting for the other team. One of his friends teased one woman who was taller than normal and completely blocked his view. One of her friends read him the riot act.

Years later as he was talking to a friend outside of the college main building, he saw a woman step down the stairs of the front door. He was standing under a tree talking to his best friend. He turned to his friend and told him, “That’s the woman I’m marrying.”

He watched her get on a bus that went to a sister city about 14miles away.  One day there was a city festival in the city where the woman lived. So he went to the city. He saw the young woman, followed her around trying to attract her attention. It took him months of persistence. But on Jan. 2, 1964 they were secretly married in a side chapel presided by an archbishop because they needed special dispensation because of their differing religions. Her mother was the only witness, for his family opposed the union. It was just like in his dream.

It wasn’t until just several years ago, that they made the discovery that they had 1st met when he was 14years old and she was 12years old. She was the sharp tongued, loyal friend at the basketball game. The friend he was talking to when he first realized he would marry her, became the godfather of their first child.

Yesterday he asked to borrow my car because he was going to take my mom out to dinner and dancing on Valentine’s Day. They celebrated their 46th anniversary this year. It wasn’t always easy, but love endured.

On Saturday night his blood pressure shot up unexpectedly and I didn’t want him taking the long drive because I didn’t want him to have an TIA attack as he’s had just two weeks ago.

So today I dropped off the oldsters on their date and when Dad called to tell me they were going to be a little later than they thought and I asked with suspicion, “How much longer?” My head exploded.

When did I become my parent’s parent? Talk about the circle of life!

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  1. Such a wonderfully inspiring story! You are very fortunate to have this gene pool!