Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stop, Look and Listen

I’ve heard of the saying, “…stop and smell the roses…” said in a most unctuous, grating voice. In the mood I’ve been lately, Evil Me screams “You know where you can shove those roses right?”

As I was driving today, I had this small epiphany.

Happiness makes you glow, anger makes you burn. But both give off light and energy. It’s what you do with that light and energy that matters.

So for lunch I left the building and strolled around the grounds and I just ‘looked’. I left through the basement and although I’ve climbed these same stairs for almost 7 years, I looked up and it looked so different. Dark, narrow and steep stairs but after the climb: bright blue sky.

These building companies spend so much money on the landscaping, it is a shame to ignore it.

If I close my eyes and narrow my focus, it’s as if I’m out in the country again!

I said a prayer this morning:
 “Lord, succor my soul as I swallow my anger and help me remain inviolate. Remind me of my self-respect and I will get through today.”

A moment came around 10am when God answered my prayers and although I wasn’t conscious of his blessing, I said things I needed to say and I remembered my self-respect, so I got through today. God always hears the prayers, we just have to make sure we’re listening when he answers.

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