Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tokyo Tea

Sitting in the Diamond Club of the Planet Hollywood casino, I overheard a woman order a Tokyo tea. Its a long island ice tea, but the coke is replaced with Midori, which basically makes it 90% alcohol. I order the same thing. We chat about it, she is effusive in her delight over this drink.

It is dangerously refreshing and at first sip, you want to just suck it up in a straw because you don't taste the alcohol, immediately. Instead after only the first few sips, you are suddenly infused with alcohol. This is not a drink to play with, I sip carefully. You'll notice the tartness, it's at first refreshing, then can become overpowering. I think it's my body's way of telling me to stop drinking before I have a stroke.

The difficult part of being in Vegas is the fact that alcohol flows freely, it's a spigot that can't be stopped. I asked why would the casino's what a bunch of drunk fools? Because Vegas is about the release of inhibitions, alcoholic imbibing is the handiest tool. You won't notice that you have just lost a month's worth of salary in a penny slot.

I am suddenly overcome with fatigue, or is it the Tokyo tea sneaking up on me?


  1. maybe that's why they say:

    what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

  2. I want one! You know, I read a book recently with a girl named Midori in it. /random>