Wednesday, February 1, 2012

10 Basic Rules of Office Etiquette

1) Put your phone on vibrate: It’s annoying to everyone around you when it goes off. You might think your ringtone is cute, but I really don’t want to hear something that sounds like music from a porno.

2) Don’t talk with your mouth open: We all eat at our desk at one point or another, give yourself a break and don’t pick up the phone or talk to anyone until you’ve finished eating. I don’t like getting food in my face.

3) If you see me eating at my desk, please don’t interrupt. Please don’t make me talk with food in my mouth. I don’t want you getting food in your face.

4) Just because the walls are elbow-high, it doesn’t mean you lean on it and talk to me. We are not neighbors that stand around and chat, I do have a job.

5) If you have time to stand around and chat with me and I keep my head turned to my PC screen and continue to type, my ‘uh huh’ means I didn’t hear you nor do I care. Move along.

6) When you walk up behind someone’s chair, make noise, because if you startle me, I will push away from my desk and ram my chair into your shins and that is totally your fault.

7) We all have PCs, we all have our own emails, unless your fingers are broken, even if you are my boss, type your own emails.

8) Don’t ever ask someone to Google something for you, see #7.

9) Don’t pick your nose at your desk, if I see that, I will never ever visit your area nor touch your desk, you might find a very large jar of antibacterial gel on your desk one day or smeared all over your desk and chair.

10) Don’t make up nicknames for other people that annoy them. Don’t continue using it even when no one else laughs except you. Then you look like a jackass. 

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