Monday, November 5, 2012

I cannot vote...

I cannot vote for a mentality that considers me less than important because I am a woman. I cannot vote for a mentality that says I was raped because I somehow provoked it because I’m a woman. I cannot vote for a mentality that says if I were “legitimately raped” – (as opposed to legally raped?) and a pregnancy ensued, I wouldn’t be allowed to abort.

I cannot vote for a mentality that dictates who I should love. I deserve to love whoever my heart choses to love even if my heart beats to another rhythm.
I will not support a mentality that says my autistic brother is included in the 47% who don’t pay taxes and therefore shouldn’t be encouraged. Money is not the standard by which life should be lead, money comes and goes, but dignity and respect is priceless.

God doesn’t participate in politics. Politics is a human affect. Look to Iran where the Ayatollahs have been raised to governing status. No faith is perfected, we are all human. That is why there is secular and faith. The United States was formed on a basis of separation of Church and State.

Politicians are what they are because they are politicians. I know they all lie, they make promises they will break, they will tell me what I want to hear. But when a candidate supports views that are a completely anathema to my life, I cannot vote for them. And it is with my conscience I am compelled to post this because I have to stand up for something I believe in.

I know God loves me for he gave me a family who has brought me challenges as well as joy, but above all, they give me love and through their love, I feel the love of God shine. For I believe in love, for the family and friends who love me unconditionally and whose love I try to return unconditionally. I cannot vote for a mentality of exclusion and derision. I am not subhuman and I will not be treated as one.

God bless us all.

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