Friday, July 31, 2015

Dream Translations

I have a bad case of insomnia and sometimes I can go for 24hours before I even feel sleepy. Then when I do go to sleep, it’s only for 4 hours. But it’s as if my mind makes up for the hours by cramming as many dreams as it can into my sleeping state. This morning was a perfect example.

I checked my phone at it was 5:31am before I finally drifted away to sleep. I wear earplugs so I give myself the best opportunity for undisturbed sleep, yet at 9:31am, I was awake. I got up did my morning ablutions then my head rewound the crazy dreams I had. 

I had three different dreams; each one was like a 30 second commercial. But it led me to wonder just how accurate those dream translation websites are. After all, dreams are just our subconscious sifting through our conscious minds and trying to sort them out. I like to think that our subconscious are to our conscience as Dali is to Lichtenstein, it’s still art.

So here are my dreams and my theories, version the internet’s translations.

1)      I was Elsa from Frozen, standing on an old fashioned train as it whipped through a winter landscape while singing ‘Let It Go’.
a.      Internet:
                                                    i.     Train: to be on a train wearing a dress (I WAS Elsa!) indicates my legacy and what I want to be remembered for.
                                                   ii.     Winter: signifies ill health & sickness
                                                  iii.     Singing: signifies happiness, harmony and joy
b.      My theory:
                                                    i.     Train: I like train rides
                                                   ii.     Winter: it was hot last night and I wish I were cooler
                                                  iii.     Singing: it’s the song, not the action; the song is a North Korean conspiracy to numb the world into complacency.

2)      I was checking into a hotel where the registration desk said for an extra $2, I can get upgraded into a better room and it was already approved by my company. I turn my head and there is a buffet breakfast in the hotel restaurant
a.      Internet:
                                                    i.     Hotel: signifies a new state of mind, undergoing a transition
                                                   ii.     Buffet: signifies trying to work through guilt
                                                  iii.     Restaurant: difficulty in too many decisions
b.      My theory:
                                                    i.     Hotel: I sleep like a log when I’m in a hotel, so based on my insomnia, I wish I were in a hotel
                                                   ii.     Buffet: It was over twelve hours since I ate, so I know I was hungry
                                                  iii.     Restaurant: I like to have someone bring my food to me since I’m asleep and can’t get up and get it myself

3)      I’m in the middle of some kind of mob action and I make my way to a car, just someone’s car that was left in the middle of the road, it was the lead car and the road was open in front of it. As I get in and drive I get pelted with rocks the size of grapefruit and they crack my windshield.
a.      Internet:
                                                    i.     Driving a car: signifies my ambition and my ability to drive to the next stop
                                                   ii.     Mob: signifies chaos and disorganization
                                                  iii.     Cracked windshield: signifies set backs on my pursuit of goals
b.      My theory:
                                                    i.     I was thinking of the Calais clashes in France since it had affected me not to long ago when I was taking the Eurostar from Paris to London.
                                                   ii.     The internet may have a point too.

Basically, it’s all a crap shoot. You can believe whatever the internet says or just make up your mind yourself. After all, no matter what anyone else says, how many degrees or licenses they have, no one knows you better than you know yourself. No one.

Now excuse me while I go take a nap.

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