Monday, July 27, 2009

Bayou Babe - 4th of July 2009

Sitting on the Shreveport side of the Red River waiting for the fireworks to start.

Looks like boat races out on the river tonight, thinking of the Bayou babe I met last night.

Rochelle the Caramel Shake.

She hails from Metarie, Lousiana.

I drank in her charms as she danced in my arms before her faery gifts faded away.

Why does a beautiful woman enrapture us so much, daring us to throw caution to the wind and chase that sweet summer gardenia?

What is it about a beautiful woman with that slow southern drawl that hypnotizes?

My roving eye had made its circuit around the room when it snagged across her perfect gluteus maximus. Then she turned, I saw her face, her half-Honduran trace.

Her exotic almond eyes and her perfect caramel skin was a combination I couldn't resist. So I swallowed the lump in my throat and sidled up.

“I have to say, your skin is just the loveliest color, like a caramel shake.

She was surprised but delighted and replied "Mmm and a caramel shake tastes so good." before she glided away to begin the dance.

The dance was glorious, the repartee quick and loaded. There was a reason she and her friend decided to drive up to Shreveport yesterday.

The reason was my wish upon a star for a bayou babe.

And for a few glorious moments the flirting was divine. Her confidence was a powerful aphrodisiac.

She caught my every throw of innuendo and pitched them back in perfect time. We caught the attention of the room with her head toss and laugh.

I was dashing in my cowboy hat.

When she took it and placed it on her head and smiled? I damn near had a heart attack.

I know I'll never see her again, that is the glory and pain of a casual encounter. But it leaves its own memory refrain.

Good bye Bayou Babe, Caramel Shake. It was wonderful to have you pass my way. Good night, good bye sweet Rochelle.

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