Saturday, July 11, 2009


I am one of those eccentric people who likes to keep their food separate. I don't let the gravy touch my corn. If my pasta touches my salad dressing, I'm done. I've eaten in buffet's, it's kind of my middle name. But I always run back and forth with separate plates. Can't have the entree touch my bread. Salad must be separately segregated in its own service.

Having said that, I do enjoy Chipotle. Yes, absolutely, I know it is not truly Mexican food. It is some strange corporate concoction that was marketed well and simply enforces the belief that marketing is actually satan worshipping.

As I say this, I gleefully shovel fork fulls of a barbacoa bowl in my mouth. Usually, Chipotle is a lunch ritual during the work week. We stand in a long line that moves in hyper speed as the "professionals" slop the ingredients of my heart attack plate into my bowl. Rice, no beans, barbacoa beef(spicy), extra pico de gallo, cheese and sour cream. Then I grab my own bottle of green Tabasco sauce to further drown my usual concoction.I am not satisfied if I don't have my green Tabasco, it's all about the condiments. Then we scarf it down quickly to make it back to the office within our allowed hour lunch period.

Yet, the required separation, for one moment, is suspended. I don't mix my food up, it is eaten exactly as it was served. Sometimes it resembles a pie, as I have preserved the integrity of the layers.

So on this glorious sunny Saturday, I enjoy eating my bowl. Today I deviated from my usual by adding corn. I'm so adventurous.

Blogging as I am, while eating, is actually conducive to my healthy digestion,I'm forced to breathe between mouthfuls. It isn't my normal shovel while inhaling method. I have the afternoon free and intend to enjoy myself.

Chips and salsa anyone? Chips and guacamole?

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