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Jan 22, 2010: 3 Dreams

In my dream movies, especially when I am actually interacting in the dream, I am a complete persona. I know the back story, there is no exposition, the dream starts in medias res.

First Dream:

So the first time I enter the dream, I am living in a world where everyone is reincarnated. In this world, we are born and live based on a specific purpose and meaning in that specific life. And you also know when you are close to finishing your purpose so you know that your time is short and you know you will be dying soon and can make the necessary arrangement.

But there is no fear with the impending death, because we all know we will be back. It’s a matter of doing what we are supposed to do in this one life. This is what keeps that universe running. Sometimes your whole life is just lived to say the right thing to the right person at the right time. But its important in the grand scheme of the universe. We accept our roles and live our lives.

So I enter the dream knowing that I am close to accomplishing what I am supposed to do in this lifetime. It’s not some big cancer cure that I’m supposed to invent. The life that I am preparing to leave behind, was just a normal everyday life, but when I die this time, I know that I have to be careful. For in that time while I am dead, my soul is in jeopardy.

I’ve been bothered by demons who want to take my soul when I die, because my next life, whatever it is I’m supposed to be doing, is going to be hugely important; life changing, universe rearranging. So these demons want to take my soul so that they have control over my manifest destiny in my next life. I know they are there because in this universe, demons take on material manifestations and I know they are watching my every move and listening to everything I say.

I am going to die very soon, like in the next day or two. When I die, my soul will not have the memories of my past life. And I can’t just leave myself a message or a note or anything that will lead the demons to find my soul when I die. But I am trying to find a way to leave my soul in something tangible that I will have in my next life. Once I am reborn, I will have the memories of my past lives with me and will be able to guard my soul. But my soul will be a complete innocent.

I do have the power, right before I take my final breath, to be able to send my soul somewhere. That’s what you do in this universe. They might expect a piece of jewelry, a trophy, something like that, something that had personal meaning to a person, to be the vessel for your soul.

I had just decided to send my soul to inhabit my shoes, because demons would never think to check the shoes. Who would ever think of something as mundane as a pair of old worn out sneakers? But my dream self is thinking of something that is important to me and only me. And I know that this is definitely coming from my real self, after all, I am Traveling Feet.

I am about to make that decision when I suddenly feel my shoulders being grabbed and someone is trying to keep me from moving forward. I feel human hands on my shoulders, trying to hold me, because I have a feeling the demons don’t want to wait until I die and hide my soul. So one of them is trying to take my soul from me.

They will pull me back in towards them to steal my soul. I feel the hands, I struggle against it, I am able to grab their right hand with my right hand and I am trying to pry their fingers off me.

Do you know what sleep paralysis is? When we REM sleep as adults, a part of our brain causes our bodies to paralyze so that we don’t sleepwalk. But when it is time to wake up, sometimes the brain wakes up faster than the paralysis can adjust us to start moving again. I suffer from sleep paralysis. It’s an immediate spike in fear and panic, to be so constricted, waking and unable to move.

That’s what happened this morning, I woke up w/the sensation that my arms were still being held and I couldn’t move. Usually that sort of thing has me shaking in fear, but once I realized that it is just a brain glitch, part of some primordial instinct we human possess, I’m able to quickly calm myself and recover.

So the dream ended with demons trying to take over my soul and I woke up, checked myself, I wasn’t falling out of bed, there were no fingers on my shoulders and I won’t let anyone take my soul. I say a quick prayer just to make sure.

Then I fall back asleep, after I have recovered movement and I flip around in bed, rearranging my pillows just the way I want it.

I don’t know if the next dream is a continuation of the last dream, because instead of being interactive, I’m watching a movie.

Second Dream:
It takes place in the future. I know it is in the future, because there are groups of people who actually monitor a timeline. There are messages in the stream that are coded and cataloged for historical purposes. Each life stream is archived for posterity. It is a log of everything we have ever communicated, texted, emailed, said on a phone conversation. I'm sure this is directly from being on twitter so long last night.

Well, this story is about a man who loves his wife, but in the current time “now” he hasn’t met her yet. But she is obviously a genius because she has some how gotten a direct message from her “future” self sent to her husband in the “now” time line.

The group has seen it and the man is part of this group of scientists. So although they don’t know this woman, they know him and must get the message to him. If this woman can dip into the life stream project (LSP) and just send a message, she’s important too.

The message is:

“In the future, two weeks from now, I will be killed. You have to find me now and tell me. I need you to save my life. In your time frame, I will be in Guernica in two days time, I will be in the plaza at the bakery. Please come find me, it’s very important you save my life.”

I know the message because in my dream, it flashes across the screen in big floating letters. It is urgent. So this man has to find this woman he doesn’t know, who doesn’t know him and convince her to believe him that he is there to save her life because she will be his wife in the future. It sound kind of cool.

My dream shifts before I can see anything else, it’s as if someone changed the channel. So I don’t know how it ended. I’m assuming it’s a good movie, if you see this in a movie anytime soon, it’s just coincidence. If you see this movie say in 5yrs time and my name isn’t on it, we all know where they got it, can you spell P-L-A-G-I-A-R-I-S-M? Same thing for the first dream.

Third Dream:

This is a post apocalyptic story. We have no technology, the earth is barren of life and there is only a few of us still living. Unfortunately, it is the last dream and I was already starting to wake up so the dream is very vague. But I do remember that it is a couple who are walking this road, I don’t remember their names, they had great names too!

But along their travels they meet up with Hope and Destiny who join their journey. Hope is a guy who, where ever they go, sprinkles seeds so the plants can take root and start rebuilding. It’s a very uplifting story, I just wish I could remember it.

Well, that’s the dreams I had last night. This blog is called “Short Stories from Dreams Half-Remembered” after all.

Hope you enjoyed.

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  1. I am telling you my friend...this is the novel you should be writing. Maybe this is your manifest destiny. Maybe the demons grabbing you are your would be good, I promise! Just do it!