Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Midnight Poem to an Obtuse Muse

I scribble love letters, sealed but unsent
And kept far from your saltwater eyes.
I whisper sweet  prayers to be borne by the stars
As the night hides unspoken alibis.

Like heartfelt notes in a sea tossed bottle,
I send my love to you.
Proclaim it like old poets forgotten
With faint hope they’ll ever get through.

Our paths will not cross, we won’t ever meet.
Fate cannot be that cruel.
To allow me to gaze in stark adoration
While your eyes cloud with ridicule.


  1. We could meet midway along the same beaten path/
    While you go one way and me the other way round/
    Against chance, what stakes does choice hath?/
    To have your love,in those ridiculing eyes,found?/

    Loved ya poem..