Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 10: Daliang, Foshan

Left Dongguan and went to…I’m not sure what town’s name actually is. Is it Daliang, Foshan or Shunde? I’m not too sure.
There is a hotel that when we are in the Daliang area, we always stay at. It’s centrally located to all the various locations I have to visit today.

I like bouncing on my beds, to test it out. I’m not mentioning the name of this hotel because the bed was as hard as a rock! I didn’t bounce, I thudded.

I had spent the weekend in the quiet luxury resort, but this is a bustling city full of noise and energy. Remember the group of guys I’d met in Ningbo? Well, I met up with them again today, so after we toured their second facility, we all had dinner.

We were all staying in the same hotel so we just made plans to eat in the hotel. Mind you, before we had dinner, we sat around and drank vodka tonics. There was a girl and a piano player in the atrium bar. After dinner, we all ran down to the hotel bar, which had a Filipino band. I guess we just weren’t ready to stop drinking. I think I had at least 8 of vodka tonics last night. But I ate dinner, so I wasn’t drunk or anything, just really, really brave.

We invited the band to our table during their break and bought them drinks and we had to make song requests. And yes, I did get onstage and sang a song with the group. Those pictures will NEVER show up here! There was only my group and another group of Chinese business men on the other side of the room. If there had been more people, I might not have jumped on stage. But when I finished, I got a standing ovation from all the other drunks in the room!

Now you know why today’s blog is so short. My stomach is on riot patrol, oh damn.

Random photos:

This is my room and the view from my hotel room.

There is a KFC down the block from my hotel, but we didn’t eat there today.

This is another one of those service areas.

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