Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 15: Shenzhen

Today, I just breathed. Not only because tomorrow afternoon I’m off to Hong Kong but it’s humid and warm. Since I like that sort of environment, does that make me a hothouse orchid? Hmm…

Anyways, all I have is a bunch of photos around the hotel. I think I’ve run out of words today.

Sunrise trying to get through the smog.

Here's my balcony, this is the view I see as I just hang out and breathe.

So I step out into the balcony, nice marble floor and view the empty grounds.

This is the view when I turn to the left.

That's another building, still part of the grounds, I think they may be for players during tournaments. I think, I'm not a golfer so I'm not to up on the legend of this place.

This is the view when I turn to the right. I really dig the palm trees!

The main dining hall was on the other wing so I had a 5 minute walk to get breakfast and the next few photos are just some of the sights I saw along the way.

I guess they were going for a nautical theme at this bar?

I think I was up too early for everyone else on a Sunday morning.

Behind the boat bar is this hidden away smaller swimming pool.
There was just so much beauty, I couldn't take pictures fast enough.

This is just outside the dining area, there is the resort retail shop and the players' lounge.

This is one of the front entrances. This is where the cars would pull up, but there was another entrance too, I think it's just different entrances for each wing.

I don't really know, I just wandered around, nodding at the gardeners and tried not to look like a giant dork taking pictures of bushes and shrubs.

As I walk out back towards my room, I walk past the main entrance, I have to walk behind this massive carving.

I walk behind and am struck breathless by this view.

This is the other side of the view, the picture from above was taken from the second floor of the glassed in staircase on the right.

This resort struck me with a nostalgia for all those 30s and 40s black-and-white movies where Bogie walks in wearing a white dinner jacket.

The beautiful wood deck chairs just looked beautiful next to the water fountain.

There is a swim up pool, of course.

I walked through that arch shown on this picture, there is a snack bar to the right there but it is closed.

As I turn around from the shot I took above, this is the next view as I walk back towards my room.

My room is on the first floor, this photo is the open air courtyard that faces my room, if you look closely, that little dark rectangle on the ground floor is the door to my room.

This place so reminds me of British colonial days, not that I was alive back in the day, but I'm Fatal Romantic for a reason. I remember those old films and when I'm here, it's like I've stepped back in time.

Especially when there is literally nobody around.

I'm down in the hallway to my room with the atrium lining my walk.

And this is the view that greets me every time I walk out of my door.

The only reason I even into this resort was that one of my Chinese hosts is a member of the club in excellent standing.

I will have a moment when I will rue leaving this idyllic place where I seemed to have walked back in time.

Well, it's almost 1030pm for me, gnite.

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