Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Edge of Never

Every now and then you see something that touches you, as “The Blind Side” touched millions; I saw a documentary “The Edge of Never”.

A documentary feature film set in the world of big mountain skiing, The Edge of Never is a real-life coming of age saga about the tribe of skiers who challenge the biggest, most dangerous mountains in the world. In 1996 extreme-skiing legend Trevor Petersen was killed in Chamonix, France. Nine years later, skiing icon Glen Plake decides it’s time for Trevor’s 15-year-old son, Kye, to ski the route that killed his father and join the tribe of big-mountain skiers. In this thrilling film, three generations of skiers mentor Kye as he attempts to finish his father’s final run. A ripping adventure tale of a young man coming of age, The Edge of Never is also a rich and subtle portrait of men and women who live big in the face of their greatest fears. Written and directed by William A. Kerig, produced by Peter Schweitzer, based on the book of the same title written by Kerig, The Edge of Never was shot on location in Chamonix, France.

Kye meets his father’s mentor, Anselmo, who lost hist 24yr old son to the mountains. Kye is 15yrs but he is small and looks like he’s 10. I thought about how people have died and gotten hurt doing this. Despite the loss, the movie is about closure and acceptance.

What greater ambition is there to live and die doing what you love? What is life w/o risk? Without risk, there is no reward.

Sorrow is the same coin as joy. Without sorrow we couldn’t appreciate the joys in our lives. To understand and accept sorrow is to understand that the opposite of Love is not hate, it is apathy. We should always be passionate about something in our lives.

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