Monday, March 8, 2010

Photos Good View Resort Hotel

Can you tell I really liked this place?

This is another shot of the infinity pool, they put this gigantic read ball in the water and it just really came out beautifully.

This other shot is the 'beach' from another angle.

I love this close up shot of the condos across the lake,  I wish I had time to wander over there cuz it looks like it's made up like a Italian villa, looks like a Sino-Disneyfied version of Venice.

This another end of the lake closer to the front of the hotel. I didn't see a lot of people.

This is my favorite photo, I took it in the morning, just when I thought the sun was going to finally burst through and make an appearance,


  1. it seems wonderful! but that pic of the bathroom (public one) you post... creepy!

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