Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 7 Guangzhou

It feels like I spend most of my time riding around in a car! Remember joke that when you buy a knock off to make sure they get the right name? Make sure the bag says Prada not Prado? Well how about this, Toyota makes a Prado car? LOL

I went to 4 facilities today, bam bam bam bam. I didn’t get a lot of photos except of shots outside the car window. I took notes but I swear I can’t remember a damn thing, except that we had KFC and it was really good! There are still differences, they had this KFC sandwich which no one could identify. There were two other Americans in the facility group, so we all decided it was some vegan sandwich.

The south is heavily congested so today, twice I was in one car, stopped at the bottom of a bridge where I jumped into another car and drove away to another location. The photo to my right is a shot from the highway, on the side of the highway are what look like banana trees!

Below are some random photos;

In my last post were night photos outside my room window. These are photos I took before I left for the day.

One of these buildings is the US Consulate or so someone told me. But I didn’t see a flag or anything. But I did see a Chinese flag, so I don’t really know.

I’m somewhere in Southern China. I’m outside of the city somewhere, but the neighborhood bleeds one after the other. The main arteries are clogged, which is normal from what I’ve been told, so the best drivers know to how to zip in and out of the side streets. It was just a bit disconcerting going through the back streets of some random Chinese town with a stranger.

We went zipping through back streets that sat next to old fashioned, suspicious looking canals. 

This house had gardens in it's backyard, nothing is used for show, everything is utilized.

Then we turned a corner and voila! A mansion?

I thought I'd include this as well, it's something most people who've never visited Asia may not know. Everyone recognize this? It's just bathroom stalls, but when I walked into it, my head stuck out. 

But the worst part is what you see when you walk inside the stall. Yup, it's porcelain hole in the floor. 

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